The 45th Annual Accounting Club Banquet was an eventful evening to bring the UIC Business students, faculty, alumni as well as firm representatives together and celebrate the Accounting Department's academic year. Our keynote speaker Mr. Anton Valukas, Chairman of Jenner & Block and a former United States Attorney, shared with us his experience and insights on how accounting is valuable in the field. We would like to congratulate Professor Abel Galvan as the Educator of the Year and won the 2017 Silver Circle Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The Accounting Club would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who came to the banquet and those individuals who worked hard to bridge the gap between students and employers.

It has been a successful year for us under the leadership of our President Odontuya Sumiyatsooj, intermediate President Khrystyna Burkun, and supervision of our Advisor Abel Galvan. Accounting Club is looking forward to another great year under the supervision of our President Odontuya Sumiyatsooj and Vice President Shubham Nigam!