Josh is a pretty smart, very experienced, level headed and broad thinking man. He has a very unique sense of humor, which makes him a very interesting person to talk to. He’s just an overall pretty nice guy.
— Mark Maatouk

Officer of the Month:     Joshua Gort

Josh has come into the semester with a great urge to help in any and all ways he can. Determined to make use of his last semester here, he’s made it known that he wanted to do much more than he did last year. I have not worked with Josh for long, but it is evident that Josh is a man who makes a clear cut name for himself through his efforts in making a positive impact.

Not only has he helped his fellow team members with Community Service events such as Back2School Volunteering, he has also taken the lead on events such as the Chicago Marathon and the Hot Chocolate Run. Josh has proved that he is not only a team member that is reliable, but he is also – a quality that is increasingly rarer and rarer each day – genuinely sincere in all that he does.

Thank you for all of your efforts Josh, they do not go unseen. I’m excited to see what else you accomplish and I’m glad to be on the same team!

- Neel Patel