President’s Personally Picked Person

This is an award that our President, Neel Patel, solely chooses once a month to represent all the dedication and hard work an individual on the leadership team puts in.

Officer of the Month: Jiamin Huang

Jiamin has joined the scene very recently yet has made her presence well-known. Being one of the most active team members, she has quickly found herself in the center of the club’s spotlight. Just like her smile captivates all those around her, her can-do attitude also catches the eyes of all that have the pleasure to work with her. Not only does she raise morale within the team, but Jiamin also serves as a beacon of outreach to our members at large, easily making everyone feel comfortable of being involved with Accounting Club.

Jiamin’s dedication is a constant example to us all on how we can all improve to always do more than we may think is possible. Her loyalty is unquestioned, and when situations get tough and complex, she approaches the manner level-headed and with a sense of genuine honesty to all those involved. I’m very eager to see how else Jiamin positively brings others up to her level, and I am honored to have seen her grow as much as she has.

- Neel Patel, President

None of the great fundraising events our club has been able to hold would have been possible without Jiamin. She worked very hard to organize these fundraising events, and they do help our club a lot. She is also a really energetic and fun person and makes a great addition to our club, it’s also hilarious to watch her destroy Neel at monopoly (seriously he sucks). So for all that we award you officer of the month!
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man
Jiamin is a team player. She is ever present at all the club meetings and events. She makes the time and helps the team in every way possible. I’ve never seen someone ask her twice to do her work. She gets it done. Added perk taking class with her - she helps when I’m struggling with the homework!
— Darshil Patel, President's Right-Hand Man's Intern

Officer of the Month: Mike Grode

Mike has been brought onto our team as the Corporate Relations Intern. Due to constantly communicating to employers, this position requires the upmost professionalism and is something we thought we saw in Mike when we first met him. We were wrong. Wrong, but pleasantly so. On top of being professional in all club matters, he also shows accountability in his work and fully gets the job done. 

Mike constantly shows his support and dedication to the club. If he says he'll be there or if he'll do be able to something, there's no doubt in our minds that he'll keep to it. Working with employers can get complex and it is imperative that prompt and well-thought-out responses are created -- and luckily for us, Mike navigates through these problems to smoothly control the situation. On top of it all, he always keeps a level-headed mentality and always seems to have a smile on his face. You have definitely earned your place on this team, and we are all very grateful to be working side-by-side with you!

- Neel Patel, President

Mike has taken on a very demanding and important role this semester; he has been in charge of communicating with employers. He has definitely had some big shoes to fill and his ability to organize and be to on top of things is something we are very grateful for. So thank you Mike for all you’ve done for us! It really helps us a lot.
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man
Mike is a very smart, talented and wise man. He was quick to learn the work that goes into the corporate relations position. He has been a great new addition to our Accounting Club team. Congratulations Mike.
— Darshil Patel, President's Right-Hand Man's Intern

officer of the month: mai yang

Mai Yang is one of the eleven interns that we have brought onto the team this past semester. The goal of the intern program is to find the best candidates possible and to bring them together to succeed further – not individually, but as a team. Mai completely proves that this program is working as intended. Not only does she bring a collaborative mindset with her, but she exceeds at everything she does with no need to check-up on her work.

Mai has demonstrated to myself and others that she is someone that you can rely on. She has proven that not only will she get things done, but she will do so in a very responsive, timely, and accurate manner. Her creative ability can be seen through the creation of her fliers along with our newfound presence on our social media outlets. One of the strongest qualities that Mai brings forth is her initiative in all matters. She brings matters up to me that is very well appreciated and I have taken note of this, alongside the rest of the team. Take all that was said above, and now add it onto her sweet and bubbly personality. We are all very glad to be on the same team.

- Neel Patel, President

Mai Yang.jpg
Mai is one of our new interns, side note: I really like this new batch of interns they all seem like great people. Mai seems like a very fun and energetic person, with an awesome sense of humor, which makes her great for her position on our marketing team.

Mai has really been on top of the tasks she has been given this past month, completing them very thoroughly and timely. I think it is safe to say that it has impressed all of the officers, hence why she was chosen as board member of the month.

So congratulations Mai! Thank you for all your contribution to our club, and we are happy to have you on our team.
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man
Mai is one of our most dedicated officers. She takes the initiative to get things done. She is very timely with the event fliers which is well documented on the club’s various social media pages. Basically, once Mai has the information you would not need to tell her twice.
— Darshil Patel, President's Right-Hand Man's Intern

Officer of the month: mark maatouk

When Mark first showed interest in our organization, it was very evident that he was a man of high caliber and somebody that we would definitely want on our team. Mark has been someone I can rely on 100%, with a mutual respect being given off by both of us which is so rare to have. Not only has he shown the upmost integrity and dedication, his out-of-the-box mindset has brought the Accounting Club to another level not previously known to exist. He has taken the lead on numerous projects and endeavors, and he has began to serve, in a way, as my "Right-Hand Man" due to his reliability, loyalty, and ability to get things done. This is where the position of Right-Hand Man was derived from. Creating this position was one of the best moves I have personally made, and I say this with a straight face and honest meaning. Without Mark, the Accounting Club would be a much different organization than it is today, and he is a core component to our team and to our successes.

- Neel Patel, President

Mark has been an integral part of the Accounting Club over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, many members are not aware of his impact on the club and how vital of a role he plays. Mark is the President’s Right-Hand Man and does everything to make the President’s role easier. This means filling in wherever he is needed on short notice and fulfilling the roles of other officers when they are unable to. Mark is truly a selfless member and operates in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Being a reserved individual, Mark never draws too much attention to himself which sometimes makes it hard for others to realize his importance. Over the past year as the Right-Hand Man, Mark has spent countless hours running errands for the club and providing his assistance in many areas. He is one of the most dependable people and never makes excuses. In short, Mark gets things done.

People like Mark are what truly make Accounting Club so special. Someone who contributes their time and efforts not just for the sake of serving a role, but because they care about the club and the people in it. My hope is that by reading this people will start to appreciate Mark for what he does even though it may not always be made public. His soul is almost as beautiful as his beard and that is truly a testament to his outstanding character. Thank you, Mark.
— Marcin Pyrzynski, President's Left-Hand Man

Officer of the Month: Abby Oladigbo

Abby has cemented herself as one of the heavy hitters for Accounting Club. Ever since joining the club back in Spring 2017 as an intern, she has continually proven to be a defining member of the team. Her relaxed, charming, and cultured personality has brought her to become the solidifying foundation of the club that we have really needed.

Constantly giving ideas and looking for new opportunities to help the club and its members grow, Abby always takes the initiative to do what she thinks is best – and doing what she thinks is best has been working out for us as well. It’s rare to see someone so dedicated, talented, and ambitious be so humble and down to Earth, but she is proof that these traits can all be evidenced in one person.

Whether it’s through creating and managing events such as the Photoshoot we had, helping create the Portillos fundraising event, and everything in between such as bringing ideas forward with painting on windows in SCE or even what to include on our windbreakers, she has definitely made a positive presence of herself known. I can’t thank you enough for all your contributions Abby, and I know you will never stop as well. Hopefully this post can begin to show the appreciation myself and the rest of the team have for you.

- Neel Patel, President

Abby has done a lot for us recently, she does a lot for our club all the time, and we honestly wouldn’t have been able to have some events if it wasn’t for her. The portillos fundraiser was something that had not been done before, and helped us out a lot. And she organized the photoshoot. Think about it, she somehow managed to find a time that worked with all 18 of our busy schedules, like that’s kinda mind blowing. She’s also very cool, very chill, and has a very large presence in our club that we would definitely miss.
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man

Officer of the Month:

Hareem Khaliq

Hareem is the definition of the kind of person you want on your team. Hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic, appreciative, and never being satisfied are just a few descriptions that come to mind. I could be here all day describing everything that she is, but the best part of Hareem? I do not have to. She lets her actions speak for herself. Everyone who knows her KNOWS these attributes to be true, not because I am saying so now, but because she is the living embodiment for it all, each and every day.

You can always tell when you know there’s something special about someone, and Hareem is no different. When I proposed to Hareem to take up the role of Co-Chair of Corporate Relations, I gave her my thoughts on why I thought she would be a good fit. I was wrong. She has succeeded my perceptions (that were already high, mind you) in every way possible. Her fellow Co-Chair of Corporate Relations, Karina Utyuzh, sums it up nicely: “She’s been giving good ideas, taking initiatives on those ideas, & she’s on top of her sh*t”.

Whatever team you join, you instantly make that a top-contending team, as evident with BSAB, UWN, and past and future teams you were in or will be a part of. We are all thankful to be on the same team as you Hareem, and I can only imagine what else you are going to accomplish here and in the future.

- Neel Patel, President

Hareem is one of our most dedicated and hardworking officers. She has devoted a lot of her time to our club and accomplished many things that have greatly helped us recently, and for that, we cannot thank her enough.

She is a very strong-minded person, very focused and driven, and when she sets her mind to something it can almost always be accomplished. It is likely because of these amazing qualities that she has been able to help get our club in the position it is in now, and she without a doubt cares about our organization, so for that we present her with officer of the month.
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man

Officer of the month: Josh Gort

Josh has come into the semester with a great urge to help in any and all ways he can. Determined to make use of his last semester here, he’s made it known that he wanted to do much more than he did last year. I have not worked with Josh for long, but it is evident that Josh is a man who makes a clear cut name for himself through his efforts in making a positive impact.

Not only has he helped his fellow team members with Community Service events such as Back2School Volunteering, he has also taken the lead on events such as the Chicago Marathon and the Hot Chocolate Run. Josh has proved that he is not only a team member that is reliable, but he is also – a quality that is increasingly rarer and rarer each day – genuinely sincere in all that he does.

Thank you for all of your efforts Josh, they do not go unseen. I’m excited to see what else you accomplish and I’m glad to be on the same team!

- Neel Patel, President

Josh is a pretty smart, very experienced, level headed and broad thinking man. He has a very unique sense of humor, which makes him a very interesting person to talk to. He’s just an overall pretty nice guy.
— Mark Maatouk, President's Right-Hand Man