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Why join the Accounting Club?

Build your resume and your professional network

Enhance your interview and interpersonal skills

Learn about the wide variety of jobs in the accounting field

Increase your chances of securing a job after graduation

Improve your leadership, teamwork, and social skills

Meet new people, make new friends and have fun



Membership for the Accounting Club is open to all UIC students interested in Accounting and seeking to become more engaged in the UIC community.

There are two membership options: $35 and $45 bundle . The membership has to be renewed every school year.

Join us and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

How to become a member

The process of membership are all online

   1. Please pay your membership through the link "join us" above

  2. Please use an email that you check most frequently during the checkout process.

3. Please choose your prefer payment method: Venmo, cash or check.

You will receive confirmation email from the Accounting Club once your registration has been processed.